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NewGen Surgical, Inc. develops and manufactures sustainably designed, single-use medical devices and surgical products. NewGen Surgical’s mission is to reduce plastic waste in the healthcare by redesigning disposable products. NewGen Surgical offers hospitals and surgery centers a solution to their sustainability programs and meet Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) objectives. Our Small Change, Big Impact EPPTM program offers healthcare systems a way to measurably reduce plastic waste for greener operations. Founded in 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area, NewGen Surgical is a member of Practice Greenhealth’s Greening the OR® Initiative and Think Beyond Plastic Accelerator, and was commended in the 2015 Circular Economy Awards of the Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum and a finalist at the 2018 edie Sustainability Leaders Awards and the 2017 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open.


ACHC International is a not-for-profit health care accreditation organisation that ensures pharmacies, medical centres, and home care providers meet government and payor requirements. Representing more than 17,000 locations worldwide, ACHC-accredited providers demonstrate their proficiency as well as their ongoing commitment to quality improvement. They represent a range of health care services: home health care, pharmacy (hospital, retail, specialty, long term care, infusion, compounding), hospice, medical equipment, ambulatory care, and behavioral health. ACHC International has worked successfully with local health officials to develop customised accreditation and educational programmes that incorporate sustainable quality and procurement standards aimed at elevating the level of health care provided while ensuring the inclusion of environmental considerations such as medical waste reduction.


Paxxo is Swedish based packaging company with a 40-year history; their business concept is to manufacture a unique endless bag system Longopac that, thanks to innovative, smarter waste management and packaging solutions, creates a better working environment for all industries. Their success is possible because their products offer rational handling, a better working environment and lower environmental impact. Their bag system Longopac has reduced CO2 emissions compared to ordinary bags. Their main product for hazardous waste handling Pactosafe - is a waste-sealing unit for safe airtight sealing of hazardous waste, antibiotics, and infectious and laboratory waste thus reducing exposure and negative health effects.


Bambook was created in 2014 initially as a school project, where after numerous brainstorms and meetings, the idea for a whiteboard notebook was born. This product formed the base of our mission: bringing simplicity and sustainability to the workplace.
We believe that we need a revolution in the way we work - we are bringing sustainability and ease of use to the workplace. Throughout the years the notebook evolved into a sturdier, more sustainable product. All the pages of the notebook are erasable just like a whiteboard and with the Bambook app you can easily scan your pages, share, and erase them after. Make a lasting impression and/or move towards a paperless office - we work together with you in designing our products to suit your corporate identity and adjust them to complement your style of working.


Pharmafilter designs, builds, and operates an integrated onsite waste and wastewater system for Healthcare. Pharmafilter represents a change in the way we work that positively enhances the work environment, patient safety, and care. It is an environmentally friendly and economical way of dealing with complex waste, sewage, and wastewater streams emanating from the hospitals.
It is a thoroughly integrated waste and wastewater management system that at every interface delivers a significant improvement in the handling, removal, and treatment of waste and wastewater streams arising in hospitals. Waste no longer leaves the hospital through corridors and lifts. The waste is fully purified and cleansed of all harmful substances in the onsite Pharmafilter plant. The wastewater from the hospital is fully purified and cleansed of all harmful substances such as medicinal residues, cytostatics, contrast liquids, endocrine substances, bacteria, and viruses. Pharmafilter system greatly simplifies the methods by which waste and wastewater is handled and decontaminated




Exhibit at CleanMed Europe

Exhibiting at or sponsoring CleanMed Europe is an opportunity to highlight your organisation’s sustainability efforts and reach hundreds of members of the healthcare community. It is your chance to reach powerful decision makers with your company name and brand, and connect with over 300 leaders in sustainable healthcare.

CleanMed Europe offers a unique opportunity to share your latest products and services, to gather new ideas and inspire others. Your sponsorship will demonstrate your dedication to environmental sustainability in the health sector, build your brand, and develop your business.

CleanMed Europe offers great opportunities for large and small businesses to interact with customers, we provide:

  • Dedicated time on the show floor solely for exhibits
  • Your company name listed in the conference programme provided to all participants
  • Your company name listed on CleanMed Europe website with a link to your homepage
  • Conference registration, which includes three lunches, coffee breaks several times a day, and enables you to attend the educational sessions and network with attendees   

Find out more in the CleanMed Europe 2018 Sponsorship & Exhibitor Prospectus here.


For more information on exhibition opportunities at CleanMed Europe 2018, contact us: tim.eden (at)

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