Sponsoring CleanMed Europe

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CleanMed Europe sponsorship is an opportunity to highlight your organisation’s sustainability efforts and reach hundreds of members of the healthcare community, including UN procurement specialists. It is your chance to reach powerful decision makers with your company name and brand, so they will think of you when they make purchasing decisions. It is your opportunity to be noticed.

Sponsoring the CleanMed Europe Conference will enable you to attend all of the conference sessions to reach a target audience of over 300 healthcare professionals and innovators. You will have a unique opportunity to share your latest products and services to gather new ideas and inspire others.

Your sponsorship will demonstrate your dedication to environmental sustainability in the health sector, build your brand, and develop your business.


If you're interesed in sponsorship opportunites for CleanMed Europe 2018, contact us: info (at) cleanmedeurope.org

Latest news

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe organised the first ever European Workshop on Sustainable and Healthy Food in healthcare as part of CleanMed Europe, Europe’s leading conference on sustainable healthcare.
The final day of CleanMed Europe 2016 began with a wide range of parallel sessions where participants shared ideas and best practices on a wide range of topics...
The sun came out in Copenhagen for Day 2 of CleanMed Europe 2016 as 250 delegates gathered for the continuation of the conference at the UN City.

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